Why Choose Private Luxury Villas Over 5-Star Hotels

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If you have not heard of luxury villa rentals, they are private homes built mainly for residential purposes or as a luxury holiday home. Many people are now opting for private luxury villas as an option to 5-star hotels. If you are faced with a choice between the two, here are some of the reasons why you should choose renting a luxury villa.

 1. Privacy

Unlike a 5-star hotel where your privacy is limited to your room, you have the entire house for yourself to enjoy all the intimacy you need. A private luxury villa is ideal for honeymooners, celebrities, families, friends, couples or anyone who simply want some peaceful and quiet time on their holidays.

 2. Space

In a private luxury home, you have the entire place, as opposed to a five star hotel where you share space and facilities with many other guests who have different habits, some of which may irritate you. For a private villa, you get a high-end home where you can enjoy the luxury of a private pool, relax in your garden or watch the sunset from a private beach. In fact, a private villa is like a home away from home.

3. Flexibility

Unlike 5-star hotels where all your meals are prepared in the same place, at the villa, you can select the level of service according to your preferences, and at lower rates. You can have your meal indoor or outdoor as you prefer. You may choose to prepare your own meals or even eat out at a restaurant of your choice.

 4. Dedicated Staff

In a private luxury villa you will get personalized services since you have staff specifically assigned to you. On the other hand, in 5-star hotels you will be sharing staff with other guests, hence, you may get different people at different times. If you’re staying a bit longer, the staff in the private villas will get to know you at a personal level and will be able to serve you even better.

 5. Dedicated Concierge

Concierge service at 5-star hotels are mostly limited to airport-hotel transfer and few activities. However, at a private luxury villa, a concierge master dedicated to serve you, will be able to make your requests of anything you want to do in the area, such as chartering a luxury yacht, renting a car, massage at the villa, private yoga retreats, and more.

 6. Unique designs

Most 5-star hotels look more or less alike in terms of their designs and surroundings (the rooms, the lounges, the bar all look the same). Private luxury villas, on the contrary, are quite unique from one another, with each having different designs and located in different surroundings. For example, it could be on a beach front, on top of a river gorge, or on the edge of a cliff. Moreover, the interior decoration is also unique in each house giving you a unique staying experience.

7. Better value for your money

Private Villa rentals may seem more expensive than 5 star hotels but are often cheaper especially if you have a large group such as a family that requires multiple rooms or you are planning a longer stay. Private villas come with several huge bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room, cinema room, games room, fitness gym, spa room, and more. If you divide the cost among the group of occupants, and with the amenities that you can enjoy, you will discover that you have paid less.

 8. Serenity

Most private villas are located in secluded areas away from busy places. Since you also have the whole compound, you are shielded from the dramas you are likely to experience from your noisy neighbors in 5-star hotels. Therefore, you can enjoy uninterrupted holiday far away from distractions.

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